simco® drive with TPM+ dynamic/power actuator

  • simco® drive and TPM+ actuator, optimally harmonized servo drive system

More compact. More precise. More dynamic.

The TPM+ in the dynamic & power design can be used in sizes 004 and 010 with the simco® drive servo drive. 24 VDC and/or 48 VDC can be used for the intermediate circuit voltage. A holding brake, a resolver and an EnDaT 2.2 feedback interface are available options. The TPM+ are designed either with angled or straight integral sockets.

Customized solutions

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simco® drive Motion GUI

Software for commissioning, diagnostics and optimization

Drive diagnostics, optimization and parameterization can be run on the full range of functionality. Diagnostic routines and event logging are implemented by means of a real-time clock. This allows fast and efficient condition monitoring as well as integration and maintenance work.


  • Automatic system parameterization using electronic type plates or order codes for motors
  • Technology functions: Motion tasks, disk cam (slave)
  • Evaluation of an acceleration sensor
  • Analysis options via oscilloscope function
  • Faults and warnings saved to fault memory
  • Referencing in cases of servicing
  • Control of digital inputs and outputs
  • Read and export drive parameters
  • Monitoring of technical parameters and conditions for the drive

Your benefits

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the user interface
  • Flexible connection options using field bus interfaces
  • Achieve higher transfer rates with real-time field buses
  • Fast commissioning with PROFINET RT/IRT via PROFIdrive drive profile
  • Quick and easy system parameterization
  • Increased productivity and rapid diagnosis of faults and warnings in event logging with real-time clock
  • Integration of new functions with regular software updates
  • Enhanced safety thanks to two-channel STO safety functionality
  • Flexible application programming 

TPM+ dynamic

  • Two sizes TPM004, TPM010
  • Intermediate circuit voltage of 24 or 48 VDC
  • Max. output speed 59.5 to 375 RPMs
  • Max. output torque of 18.8 to 80 Nm
  • Installation length of 128 to 187 mm

TPM+ power

  • One size TPM004
  • Intermediate circuit voltage of 24 or 48 VDC
  • Max. output speed 54.1 to 375 RPMs
  • Max. output torque of 24.4 to 50 Nm
  • Installation length of 149 to 189 mm (according to the version)

simco® drive

  • Nominal power up to 500 W
  • Max. power up to 1 kW
  • Flexible Communication interfaces: CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFINET RT/IRT, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP
  • Fast commissioning via seriel interface


  • Prefabricated motor connection lines: Hybrid motor cable and extension cable for connecting cyber® dynamic line with simco® drive in IP20 and IP65 versions
  • Cable length of up to 20m avaiablae


  • Firmly attached motor/gearhead combination with a variety of gear ratios and 1 to 3-stage designs
  • Adapted drive system 
  • Easy commissioning thanks to automatic parameterization 
  • Easy installation with prefabricated connection lines 
  • Compact drive design for flexible application 
  • High degree of standardized variations possible 
  • Coverage of a broad capacity range thanks to different gear ratios

TPM+ dynamic and TPM+ power

  • 24 or 48 V intermediate circuit voltage
  • Encoder variants: Resolver, EnDAT 2.2
  • Optional holding brake