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Design of the entire drive train

cymex® – the proven software for drive system optimization
cymex® enables the simple dimensioning and evaluation of the complete drive train (application + transformation + motor + gearbox). Its precise calculation is facilitated significantly by means of predefined standard applications such as belt, spindle, rotary-table and rack&pinion drives. Consideration of all major influencing factors and customer-specific parameters result in a reliable and efficient design as well as optimization of the drive system.

Profit from our many years of experience
We will be pleased to support you in the form of a cymex® design calculation. We will provide you with training courses on our design software, adapted to your requirements. Whether for beginners or experts, for occasional or regular users – we adapt our training courses to your wishes and requirements. Further information is also available by clicking on Customer training.

Your benefits

  • Simple and reliable design through pre-defined standard applications
  • All customer-specific application parameters taken into account
  • cymex® Motion Profiler for creating simple and complex motion and load profiles
  • Import functions of motion profiles from SAM, Excel, ASCII databases with all WITTENSTEIN alpha products as well as 11,000 motors offered by all current manufacturers
  • Visualization of loads in relation to all important component parameters in the drive train
  • CAD generator: 3D gearbox files including all attached components
  • Technical calculation documentation

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