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More than a stopover. People want to take a short vacation together with their family or friends, looking for more thrills and fun. 

New parks and resorts worldwide are opening their doors for an epic adventure.
More real. More intense. More thrills. An experience like never before.

Themes and attractions let visitors plunge into history. Film heroes and mythical creatures come alive while a journey into the future creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience.






Compact Design

High Mechanical Demands

Fields of Application

Dark Rides

Dark rides combine many different forms of movement and visual effects. Dynamic ride drives for fast-paced pathways together with tilting and rotating axes for additional ride fun. In addition to high acceleration, precise movements are also essential, and WITTENSTEIN has the answer here with its precision SP+ and TP+, hypoid gearboxes TPK+, premo® servo actuators and customized cyber® force actuator and drive system cyber® iTAS® system 2.


In addition to the actual drive task for the trains, more and more new functions are coming into play on roller coasters: points for parallel track sections have to be switched or passengers are turned or swivelled on the carriages. For these, To this end, WITTENSTEIN offers very compact servo gearheads and servo actuators that can be integrated into the track structure or onto the carriages to save space. Our SP/TP/XP servo gearheads and premo® servo actuators feature optimum energy efficiency and high power density. In addition to the standard portfolio, WITTENSTEIN also develops project-specific solutions for virtually any requirement.

Flying Theaters and Motion Seats

The range extends from moving spectator stands to moving seat rows or individual seats. WITTENSTEIN offers solutions for all applications: from large TP+ 2000 gearboxes with high stiffness and low backlash to small linear actuators like the cyber® dynamic actuator L and cyber® dynamic system with integrated power electronics.

Thrill Rides

Many rides thrill their passengers with individual settings during the ride, changes in flying height, additional turns and swivels. All this can be achieved in a space-saving, precise and dynamic manner with outstanding drive technology from WITTENSTEIN such as the premo® and cyber® force actuators.


Whether on stage or in amusement parks, moving comic figures or dinosaurs are always an eye-catcher and sure to delight visitors. Highly compact linear cyber® dynamic actuator L/R and cyber® dynamic motors from WITTENSTEIN can perform these movements precisely and quietly, and they integrate perfectly into the figures. Our cyber® simco® drive 2 servo drives make an optimal complement. For especially realistic movements, there’s the revolutionary Galaxie®gearbox, which offers zero backlash and maximum rigidity as well as a large hollow shaft. 

Sustainability in the construction of leisure facilities

Publication in the magazine "Kirmes & Park Revue" (issue 02/2023)


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Digitalization with cynapse®

Digitalization with cynapse®

cynapse® expands our gearboxes with integrated sensors and digital services. Process quality can be monitored very easily and machine uptime increased – our smart digital services help you identify problems before they occur.

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