Linear synchronous motors

Direct linear motors enable high speed operation in industrial systems. Linear synchronous motors from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor allow acceleration rates of up to 500 m/s² and speeds of up to 5 m/s with 1 µm positioning accuracy. To achieve these characteristics, we apply the principle of permanent magnet synchronous motors with a moving secondary part. Our linear motors are used whenever small parts have to be handled fully automatically in very short cycle times and with high precision, for instance in high performance automation systems or the semiconductor industry.

Requirements for linear synchronous motors

Linear motors built by WITTENSTEIN cyber motor offer optimal speed and performance. High movement speeds of up to five meters per second in conjunction with regulated, jolt-free movement profiles would be impossible without linear servo drive technology. Considerable expertise is necessary to calculate and size the linear motors. The possible acceleration is limited by the total masses in movement – not just the mass of the components. Furthermore, the influence of friction forces (e.g. from bearings, cable drag chains) must be reduced to a minimum and vibration by undamped masses (e.g. cables) ruled out. The thermal effects of energy losses on positioning accuracy must likewise be taken into account. Profit from our experience in linear synchronous motor development and design!