Special motors

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s expertise is in specialized motors for extreme conditions like ultra-high vacuums (up to 10-8 mbar), radioactive environments (up to 10 MGy), explosion protection (Zones 1 & 2) or high temperature (up to 220 °C). Ingenious design measures and dedicated material selection lay the foundation for special motors characterized by maximum reliability and precision. In particular, we supply sterile motors for cleanroom applications as well as for the food and beverage industry.

Special motors for extreme conditions

Our special motors are used whenever standard types are no longer suitable owing to the extreme environmental conditions or because they otherwise fail to meet the requirements. We also develop customized high and low-temperature, explosion proof, vacuum compatible, radiation tolerant, cleanroom suitable and hygienic solutions for special applications. Our broad expertise extends from motors to rotative and linear actuators. Click here to learn more about our industry-specific solutions for oil & gas or food and beverages.