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compact – dynamic – highly integrable

cyber® kit motors offer the ultimate performance and flexibility in a compact size. Stator and rotor kits give the design engineer the highest degree of integration freedom to develop unique solutions for application specific needs.

With cyber® kit motors we are a worldwide partner in the Encompass program of Rockwell Automation.


Customized solutions

We will be happy to develop a solution for you that is tailored to your drive needs. You benefit from our years of experience, our highly skilled staff and our comprehensive service catalog. Please contact us.

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WITTENSTEIN cyber motor - Walter-Wittenstein-Straße 1

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor

Walter-Wittenstein-Straße 1

97999 Igersheim (Germany)

Your Benefits

Compact design

  • Maximum torque density
  • Power density up to 10 kW/kg
  • Low axial length due to minimized height of winding head 


  • Low power losses
  • Low mass inertia
  • Increased heat dissipation 


  • Potted stators
  • Test bench for frameless motors
  • Extended and customized testing

Suitable for integration

  • Support with integration (magnet retaining sleeve, insertion fixture)
  • Customer-specific interfaces (mounting pattern, motor shaft, etc.)
  • Expansion of the scope of delivery to provide a ready-to-install system


  • Optimized synchronization characteristics
  • Low torque ripple
  • Minimal cogging torque


  • Stator diameters from 19 mm to 440 mm
  • Voltages up to 750 VDC possible
  • Power & torque-optimized versions

Product range


The power-optimized cyber® kit motors distniguish with their low no. of pole pairs
by a high overload capacity and low cogging. Espacially the combination of efficiency
and diversity abets the use in cusomized applications with requirements for maximum
integration and compactness.

Technical Data

Nominal voltage 24 to 750 VDC

Low no. of pole pairs

Minimal cogging torque

High overload capacity

Potted stator winding

Nennspannung 24 bis 750VDC

Nominal voltage 24 to 750 VDC

Geringe Polpaarzahl

Low no. of pole pairs

Geringes Rastmoment

Minimal cogging torque

Hohe Überlastfähigkeit

High overload capacity

Vergossene Statorwicklung

Potted stator winding


A high no. of pole pairs and optimized mass inertia distinguish the
torque-optimized cyber® kit motors. Especially in moved axes the motors
offers maximum flexibility and due to their large hollow shaft are designed
to carry through miscellaneous components.

Technical Data

Large hollow shaft up to ¾ of outer diameter

Continuous torque up to 1500 Nm

Optimized moment of inertia

Potted stator winding

Große Hohlwelle bis ¾ des Außendurchmessers

Large hollow shaft up to ¾ of outer diameter

Dauerdrehmoment bis 1500 Nm

Continuous torque up to 1500 Nm

Optimierte Massenträgheit

Optimized moment of inertia

Vergossene Statorwicklung

Potted stator winding






Cable outlet

Individual laminated cores

Integration in the overall system

We simplify and speed up integration in your application.

Maximum efficiency and superior performance data in a limited space are typical requirements for frameless motors. We can help you achieve ideal integration in your system. We can modify the interface and/or scope of delivery to ensure reliable and cost-effective installation.

Independent integration

You take on the assembly. We help with the integration inter alia with insertion devices and training courses (e.g. magnetic bonding, shrink fitting).

Your advantages:

  • We minimize your risks by providing expert support
  • You increase your internal added value
  • We share our development & production expertise with you

Delivery of a ready-to-install system

WITTENSTEIN takes on the assembly: The assembling of our motors and the provided parts at WITTENSTEIN.

Your advantages:

  • You benefit from our experience in development & assembly
  • Ideal level of integration reduces your costs
  • Delivery of a ready-to-install assembly simplifies integration in your system