cyber® distribution box – distribution module

  • Distribution module cyber® distribution box: For simplified wiring of decentralized drive systems

  • Distribution module cyber® distribution box: For design freedom in machine design

flexible – compact – simple

The distribution module cyber® distribution box enables a simplified wiring of decentralized drive systems. There are 6 motor outputs available to connect decentralized servo drives of the type cyber® simco® drive 2 and cyber® dynamic system or further distribution modules. Thanks to the high protection class of IP65, the distribution module can be integrated directly into the machine layout. This considerably reduces the cable lengths and the wiring effort, since with power supply and fieldbus communication only two cables have to be routed from the control cabinet to the machine or from the supply module.

Excellent solution for complex drive tasks


  • 6 motor outputs for connecting decentralized servo drives or additional distribution modules
  • Multi-Ethernet-Interface


  • Protection class IP65
  • More space in the control cabinet
  • Reduced cabling effort


  • Realization of complex machines with simple topology structure
  • Easy cabling

Product highlights

The cyber® distribution box is a distribution module for simplified wiring of decentralized drive systems in the voltage range from 12 to 60 VDC.

1 input power supply (rated current 30 A / maximum current 45 A)

6 outputs power supply (rated current 20 A / maximum current 30 A)

2 inputs and 2 outputs for Ethernet communication

Easy installation in the machine without additional encapsulation thanks to IP65 protection class

Small servo drive system

High-dynamic servo motors in the sizes 17 - 40 mm (optionally with gearbox and ball screw drive)

Numerous fieldbus interfaces and decentral intelligence

Safe shutdown of the system in case of emergency thanks to integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function according to SIL3 without loss of productivity

Space-saving installation thanks to stackability and user-friendly pin assignment

Electronic name plate enables automatic and safe parametrization of the motor

Simple installation in the machine without an additional enclosure thanks to protection class IP65

The cyber® simco® drive 2 servo drive, the cyber® dynamic line motor series and the cyber® dynamic system are a complete match in every respect.

You can choose between numerous different fieldbus interfaces for easy connection to your higher-level controller.

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