cyber® kit line small – frameless servo motors

  • cyber® kit line – servo motors in size 50, 85, 112 and 130 mm

  • Different lengths per size with two mass inertia optimized hollow shaft variants

  • Can be used with integrated temperature sensors and optionally with Hall sensors

  • Compatibility to cyber® simco® line servo drives

high torque – highly integrated – flexible

The frameless servo motors of the cyber® kit line product family offer maximum torque and flexibility in a compact size. In additional, the frameless design with a large hollow shaft gives the maximum possible freedom of integration to develop unique solutions for specific applications.

The cyber® kit line assembly kit consisting of rotor and stator can be flexibly integrated into the machine thanks to the variety of variants.

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Further information on the planned market launch is available on request.

Excellent solution for complex motion tasks

High torque

  • Highest torque density thanks to maximum copper fill factor
  • Torque motor with 20 poles


  • Frameless version
  • Large hollow shaft
  • Suitable for shrinking and gluing


  • 60V and 600V design
  • More than 100 choices


  • Integrated PTC and PT1000 temperature sensor
  • Optional Hall Sensor


  • Mass inertia optimized design
  • 2 rotor variants for different applications


  • Complete potting for enormous robustness
  • Maximum winding temperature of 155 °C for extended fields of applications 
  • Sizing safety

Product highlights

With more than 100 choices, the cyber® kit line offers maximum flexibility for the user. The torque-optimized motors offer a maximum of robustness due to their full potting and maximum integratability due to the frameless design with large hollow shaft. Combined with the integrated temperature sensors PTC and PT1000 as well as optional Hall sensor the motors open up many possibilities in terms of connectivity.

60V and 600V version

Large and small hollow shaft 

Integrated PTC and PT1000 temperature sensor

Optional Hall Sensor

Several lengths per size