cyber® dynamic system – drive system

  • Drive system cyber® dynamic system (motor size 40)

  • Product family cyber® dynamic system

  • cyber® dynamic system with GCP-gearbox (1-3 stages)

  • cyber® dynamic system with NP-gearbox (1-2 stages)

  • cyber® dynamic system with ball screw drive (short and long stroke) 

  • cyber® dynamic system and servo controller simco® drive 2 (IP20 / IP65)

  • Small servo drive system: cyber® simco® drive 2, cyber® dynamic system and cyber® dynamic line

connective – compact – dynamic

The industrial drive system cyber® dynamic system offers maximum connectivity thanks to its multi-ethernet interface and scores with decentralized intelligence. The inertia-optimized motors and high current resolution also ensure highly dynamic and precise movements. The system is the professional choice for decentralized applications in demanding environmental conditions with limited installation space. 

This system is optionally available with various encoder variants as well as planetary gearboxes, ball screw and holding brake.

Whitepaper: Recommendations for the deployment of third-party servo drives with EtherNet/IP CIP SyncTM

Machine manufacturers from different industrial segments have high standards for dynamic and precise motion control applications in real-time. By integrating CIP SyncTM in third-party servo drives, it is possible to meet these requirements. Read our whitepaper to learn more about the possibilities and advantages.

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Excellent solution for complex motion tasks


  • Multi-Ethernet version
  • Many real-time capable fieldbus interfaces
  • Automatic parameterization thanks to electronic name plate
  • Fast commissioning & connection to PLC


  • Decentralized solution combining motor and servo drive
  • Motor size 40 mm
  • Low space requirement close to the application


  • Inertia-optimized motors for maximum acceleration
  • Real-time capable and isochronous Ethernet communication
  • Decentralized PLC functionality to relieve the automation system
  • Realization of synchronous and dynamic motion profiles


  • Absolute encoder with an encoder resolution of 12 bits
  • High current resolution of 14 bits for high-precision torque control
  • Low cycle times for high dynamic and precise applications

Robustness and safety

  • Protection class of IP65 for decentralized applications in demanding environments
  • 12 to 60 VDC wide range input
  • Integrated safety function STO meets safety requirements in accordance with SIL3


  • Modular principle enables optimum solutions for a wide range of applications
  • Optional integration of a multiturn- encoder, holding brake, gearbox or ball screw drive 

Product variants

Servo motors

Servo motors

In this variant, a 40 mm motor together with a special housing version of the servo drive forms an ultra-compact unit that fits into the tightest of installation spaces and eliminates cabling efforts except for power supply and fieldbus communication. Furthermore, the cyber® dynamic system has a decentralized control intelligence for the implementation of an independent positioning operation. This makes it ideally suited for integration into concepts in which the aim is to effectively relieve communication infrastructures and machine controls.

Ultra-compact unit of motor and controller

Ideal for the tightest installation spaces

Absolute encoder (Singleturn), Absolute encoder (Multiturn)

Optionally with holding brake

Protection class IP65 (mounted)

Cabling effort minimized

Multiple fieldbus interfaces and decentralized intelligence

Servo actuators

Servo actuators

The industrial small servo motors with integrated drive electronics can be combined with one- to three-stage planetary gearboxes to convert torques of up to 22 Nm. Thanks to a cohesive connection they form a highly compact unit without an additional adapter plate.

Optionally with holding brake

Very compact – no adapter plate needed (with GCP-gearbox)

One to three stages

High precision planetary gearbox

Motor and gearbox welded into a single unit

Linear actuators

Linear actuators

The compact drive system cyber® dynamic system with integrated ball screw is the ideal solution for dynamic positioning processes. In the actuator version, the servomotor, ball screw, linear guide and encoder system form a closed, highly integrated and ready-to-install unit. They represent an energy-efficient and maintenance-free alternative to pneumatic cylinders.

Protection class IP65

Reinforced thrust bearing

Built-in linear guidancel with anti-rotation mechanism

Integrated ball screw

Closed pushing rod with integrated wiper

Optionally with holding brake

Small servo drive system

High-dynamic servo motors in the sizes 17 - 40 mm (optionally with gearbox and ball screw drive)

Numerous fieldbus interfaces and decentral intelligence

Safe shutdown of the system in case of emergency thanks to integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function according to SIL3 without loss of productivity

Space-saving installation thanks to stackability and user-friendly pin assignment

Electronic name plate enables automatic and safe parametrization of the motor

Simple installation in the machine without an additional enclosure thanks to protection class IP65

The cyber® simco® drive 2 servo controller, the cyber® dynamic line motor series and the cyber® dynamic system are a complete match in every respect.

You can choose between numerous different fieldbus interfaces for easy connection to your higher-level controller (Sercos and CANopen on request).

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